never ending cancer of the society

Its been days since I blogged, and today I've got good topics for everyone. this week has been a hectic one for me but every after classes, my eyes starts to look around... and my mind starts contemplating about what my eyes sees.

Let's start with the LRT. Yesterday, I was about to go home so I decided to buy myself a ticket at the LRT, to my surprise.. the cards' design have been changed; But to me, there's one little detail that never changed. PGMA's face on it. When I saw it I thought "why does she wants her face to be placed in a public transportation ticket if her presidential term is about to end?". If you analyze carefully, the background of the ticket also contained her latest project, closing the loop of the LRT station with the MRT...I think. Isn't that its almost like a form of campaigning already? I'd say its the WRONG form of campaigning and advertising. If she wants to be recognized, why not just print a poster with her project and her face on it... to brag what she did about it and how much pesoses did she spent on it, rather on the LRT ticket (with her face on it) which you sometimes keep in your wallet.

Another one is about the backing out of the local company for the computerized voting system project for the upcoming 2010 elections. When PGMA arrived from her so-called "business trip" (that included her family-- no, make it a clan, congressmen,etc), that company backed out for reasons about money. But I think that's not the reason. If PGMA is a good president, she could have helped paying for that automated voting system project since she's got billion dollars in her bank. She'd do anything for the improvement of the country. According from some friends, there was a given due date for that local company to settle and decide well on this matter with the foreign company or else, at 2010, the elections will be as it is before-- manual vote counting, etc. That means, the culprits of our nation can freely do their job of making unimaginable ruckus in the elections. think dirty. they could have the buying of votes (through their own form of goodwill), threaten the poll watchers or the voters,etc.) I am saying this because I am concerned. As a part of the first timer voters in the coming 2010 elections, we would like to exercise our freedom and rights. The right to vote, the right to elect who do we think are rightful, freedom of speech, and the right to have a good future. I'm not doing this not just because I am part of no, that's just a part of it. I want to make a difference to this nation, Rizal has fought hard for. My Joseriz class made me realize that until now, this country is enslaved from greed and corruption. Still haven't recovered from the cancer of the society. I do hope there will be a miracle. A miracle much like to what USA witnessed during Obama's victory in their elections.

This is one heck of a battle everyone's been fighting for. And these are the mountains we need to move in order to succeed. And I am encouraging the Filipino youth out there. yes... YOU (ages 18-above), to go register and vote this coming 2010elections.

"Do not underestimate the power of little things"
-Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point

"Hindi natin makakamtan ang totoong kaunlaran kung walang pagkakaisa at katahimikan. At kung sa isang milagro ay makamit man natin ito, wala rin itong saysay kung araw-araw naman balot sa takot at pangamba ang mga negosyante't mamamayan. Hangga't nagtuturingan ang lahat bilang Kristiyano o Muslim at hindi bilang magkakapatid na Pilipino, hindi malayo ang ating mararating. We won't achieve the real development if there's no unity and peacefulness. And if there's one miracle and we attain it, it won't be any difference if everyday the businessmen and the citizens are filled with fear and insecurity. Until everyone are treating each other as Christians or Muslims and not as Filipino brothers and sisters, we won't reach that far."
-Bob Ong, Bakit Baliktad Magbasa Ng Libro Ang Mga Pilipino?