pRO: Sakura Blossom event

Event Duration: October 27- November 17, 2010
Final Product: Perisca [1]

Make sure you have the following items so you can continue with the quest without any delay:

Big Fan of Magic:
- blue gemstone x1
- wind stone (bought at the secret room where the ninja job change takes place in Amatsu) x1
- fan of cat monster/ folding fan of cat ghost (Civil Servant/ Mao Guai drop at Louyang Dungeon) x1

Huge Spray of Flowers: 
-spray of flowers x25 
-thin stem x5 (Parasite drop at umbala field 03)

1. Go to Payon with your ingredients for Big Fan of Magic. Talk to Capt. Feles (cat NPC) at Pay_arche.gat 65.142 near Payon cave. Give him blue gemstone x1, wind stone, and fan of cat monster x1 to make the Big Fan of Magic.

2. Once done with the Big Fan of Magic, you may sit and wait for the cherry blossom tree beside Capt. Feles to glow (make sure your effects are turned on so you'll see it glowing) and when it does it will drop spray of flowers along the area. Be as nimble as you can before they disappear. There are also cherry blossom trees around Prontera (near the fountain and the stat reset NPC) and they give more branches than the ones in Payon.
note: it sometimes takes 10-20 mins. before the trees glow again @_@

3. Once you have collected 25 pieces of spray of flowers, talk to him again and tell him that you want to bind them, and he will give you Huge Spray of flowers for every 5 pcs. of spray of flowers + 1 pc. of thin stem. You'll need 5 Huge Spray of Flowers in order for you to create a Perisca. Don't worry about the gift wrapper, the Girl with a sigh NPC in Lutie will be the one giving you that.

4. Go to Lutie if you have 5 pcs. of spray of flowers. Talk to Girl with a sigh at xmas 172 133 and she will ask you what spring is like. Show her the huge spray of flowers x5 and she will give you gift wrapper. Talk to her again so she can create your Perisca. And there you have it! /no1

Warp Shortcuts:
-Louyang Dungeon: premium service (lol that's the fastest way ever-- believe me)
-Umbala Field: Morroc > Comodo > Umbala > down > down > right (or walk through the east of comodo dungeon according to chorvaqueen).

-iRO wiki: Sakura Blossom Event
-pRO Sakura Blossom event guide

special thanks to:
Chorvaqueen for the other route to Umbala field 03 :D
Juan Fajardo for the warp and agi xD

Suspension of classes in all levels

Finally! Our college have allowed us to leave before 12pm! I thought they were going to do it again just like before :|

It was at around 10:30 am when DepEd and CHED released an announcement of suspension of classes for all levels. The news broke out to my Facebook neighborhood at almost 11am. But our college released us at around past 11. On my way home I had a hard time walking because of the strong winds that kept blowing my umbrella.

It sucks because we made an effort to go to school despite the winds and rain (and flood in some areas like the ones in my classmate's) and then they will only announce once the students have already left their homes. I must say it's one heck of a pain in the ass not just for us students but for the parents as well. Well of course you wasted money for transportation and for nothing.

I pity those people who went to school today and got wet. I hope this won't happen again :|

The media is late again. DepEd says they won't be announcing if there are classes or none in a site I saw earlier. The new media on the other hand is useful, it was via internet I learned immediately of the suspension of classes.

I hope this won't happen again. @_@

Revamped Blasphemy 2008- 2010?

"Once a member will always be a member"

I know some of my guildmates are dismayed by the fact that our beloved guild, which is turning 2 this November 5 will be disbanding.

I myself don't know how to react at this... when our guildmaster, Elvin_Neal talked to me about it.... I had the urge to cry, to fight...

Why must we stop? disband the 2nd family we've known for throughout the years we've been in pRO Valhalla?

I couldn't even ever leave the guild.. even if I wanted to... attempted to do so for a lot of times...

I'd always end up coming back...


Because they're my second FAMILY.

Its from them where I get my inspiration to draw Ragnarok Online characters, fan arts, etc. Being in the guild means a lot to me. Spending time with them really means a lot because I never had the chance to have a big group of friends caring for me until I joined the guild...

From sieges, to weddings and guild EBs, all of this moments are very precious and meant cherishing.

We started with a group of friends, from Ozine family mainly then branched out as we went along our days in pRO Valhalla. We we're not known yet.

I could still clearly remember when we used to mention the guild name to other players of pRO Valhalla... they always had the reactions of scratching their heads, trying to figure out if there's really a guild called Revamped Blasphemy in Valhalla. But now.. mention the name and people will say "Oh I know that guild... blah blah blah"... ever since we've joined the Agit Lords, the guild regained a lot of publicity and such... and it also opened up to a lot of issues in the game... creating havoc and misunderstanding between guildmates.

And now, we're at the point of saying goodbye, coz today.. would be our last siege together. RB would still exist knowing that it will be at Agit Lords but it won't feel the same....

and LU Live 2010 as well...

anyways, here's the video I made for RB back then...

RO Priests

High Priest of Revamped Blasphemy
(I owe him a big apology...)

Erin Eclair
Priestess of Fury
(with her soon to be baby-- other character of `Blade Fury)

Cat Street

I stumbled across this manga called "Cat Street" while browsing my list of blogs that I follow.. and this one came from my classmate Kara. 

Cat Street started off with the story of Keito Aoyama, a child superstar who then suddenly disappeared from the limelight due to an incident with the show she was on. For seven years she locked herself from the world, moping about what happened... until she met this mysterious man who showed her and told her to go to the school called El Liston, a free school in their community. From there she met an old classmate Taiyou and then later on Rei, Momiji and Kouichi who became her friends. And through them she finds herself breaking free from the wall she created between her and the world. 

The plot was really good because its really unique and it was really a page turner-- that I was able to finish it within a day (started at around 2pm and finished at 9pm) XD. And oh, did I mention they have a live action series/ jdorama? Well I was really surprised but then it makes me wanna watch the whole thing right after this midterms week. I've really learned a lot from it and I think its message would be much like the one sent out by Skip Beat! (Hint: it has something to do with forgiving oneself and starting all over again... )-- okay I just gave you not a hint anymore lol!

Anyway, here are some stuffs from the manga which I really liked XD

Cat Street (Manga)
Keito, Kouichi, Rei and Momiji

Cat Street (JDorama/ Live Action series)

To start reading, go here: Mangafox: Cat Street

A Chit Chat with Mr. Ronnie Del Carmen of Pixar's UP

There is something good that happened to me anyway earlier this day. Yep. I've got to meet Ronnel Del Carmen on an animation talk awhile ago in our school in the De La Salle- College of St. Benilde's SDA Building's Green Room. He's the guy from Pixar Animation Studios who's responsible for the wild and adventurous story of the animated movie UP.

He talked about stuff they do in Pixar studios. That its not always fun when you're an animator. Why? That's cause there are some things you gotta solve. Problems on how they could make the scene/ character/ storyboard better. And not all solutions are always right. Yes, according to him... it could be disheartening but he said the way out of quitting their project is to remind themselves of this "Trust the Process". After all, when UP was finished, it was all worth it-- All those 4 years of production.

He also said that "If you're never prepared to be wrong, you can never come up with anything original". Which is really true. If you are never prepared for their criticisms (your fellow artists and such), you can never come up something great at all. That's why we have to make use of their comments, suggestions, criticisms. As he said it "Making mistakes is the way of learning". 

Also he left us this quote of Walt Disney, which pertains to one of the topics he talked about in the Green Room: storyboarding:

"In our studio, we don't write our movies, we draw." -Walt Disney

Carl and Russel of Pixar's Animated Movie, UP
(Photo courtesy of Google Images)

*shots from the Green Room*
Mr. Ronnie Del Carmen of Pixar
(Graduate of UST and he's a Filipino too)

The crowd at the SDA Green Room comprising 
of students from CSB and St. Scholastica's college

My classmates in 2DAnim1 :D
(From left to right: Princess, Lor, Hai and Darryl)

yours truly :3

And what would be a great day ender without getting our famous visitor's autograph! XD (I got it lol. but I'm not posting his autograph :P and I was really thrilled when he actually signed my notebook) 

Can You Feel The Heat?

As of now I am still waiting for my BAMBOO tablet from my aunt and cuz from US and I'm dying to have it now. Really I do. I can't wait to remake my blog and fully live its blog title which is "daily doodles". 

Anyways, the climate is getting unstable every year due to global warming... And I could really feel the impact everyday as I go home from school. The scorching heat of the sun never fails to give me my daily dose of headaches. I don't know-- but I couldn't stand it anymore and that's why I'm asking for another Earth Hour this year. @_@

Here's the poster of last year's Earth Hour. Its theme is Vote the Earth which kinda relates to last year's election in States wherein Obama pulls it off at the last minute creating a new memorable moment in the history of United States. But since its about the Earth-- the ones who made this event possible thought of something that coincides with the election and where EVERYONE gets to VOTE. And yes a lot of people did. Over hundreds of millions people in 400 cities in 88 countries switched off their lights for an hour and voted for Earth. Isn't that amazing? 

But hey! good news, this 8.30pm, Saturday 27th March 2010, will be another Earth Hour! So lets help Mother Nature and Vote Earth again this year!

Oh yeah I came across this during our discussion in DESNCON class :P

And btw, their site is really cool. I even made my own lantern. (I've been part of this Earth Hour campaign
ever since it started and me and my friends have never missed a year without turning off the lights for one hour!)

To create your own lantern and join this campaign click here

P.S.: Who wouldn't want to spend a summer vacation free of getting scorched off roasted like meat in the sea? :P (that's why I'm talking stuff like this too right now LOL)-- I wanna wear a new set of swimsuit this year and enjoy the sea and nature :D

Philippine Ragnarok Online: Be A Fan Now and Get an EXP Mod AGAIN!

Citizens of Valhalla Server!

It’s time to show your support for your favorite game by becoming a fan of the Ragnarok Online fan page and help us get as many fans as possible! Connect with your beloved GM’s and your fellow RO players!

But it doesn’t stop there. Help us reach 15,000 fans in two days, before this week's Wednesday maintenance, and we’ll reward everyone with modified XP for one whole week!

This contest will start now and will end on February 24 (7am maintenance).

So go to the Ragnarok Online Fan Page in Facebook ( CLICK ME ) and click on Become a Fan now!

Also dont forget! become a fan of LEVEL UP INC! (

The Creativity Company Animation

I was searching for an ad about a multimedia company for my DESKPUB plate when I came across this cute ad over Youtube. Its that simple but it really says what the company's all about. Well I hope that does give me an idea for a multimedia company name and logo.

Oh btw, I've just noticed, "thinking out of the box" is kinda common amongst all designers. Its just that I keep on hearing that catchphrase from my professors in college.

Looklet: Unleash the fashionista in you!

Are you bored wearing the same old clothes every week? Do you want to mix and match em and look good but don't have a clue if it would look good? Then why not try this site on for a size and you could even try mix and matching clothes you've seen or clothes you've never tried on before.

Check out and you might just love it! Designers and non-designers are heading to it to mix and match and create new looks for this season and for the seasons to come! 

You'd totally go gaga over a hundred choices of clothes and 17 models to choose from (backgrounds as well). Its definitely personalized! 

Here are some of my sample designs/ looks I've made during my stay there:

I'm pretty glad they've fixed the glitches when creating a look. Back then when the site was still new, I couldn't remove or make the clothes I clicked on to be worn over the new clothes I've chosen.

Head on and start customizing your own look!