Can You Feel The Heat?

As of now I am still waiting for my BAMBOO tablet from my aunt and cuz from US and I'm dying to have it now. Really I do. I can't wait to remake my blog and fully live its blog title which is "daily doodles". 

Anyways, the climate is getting unstable every year due to global warming... And I could really feel the impact everyday as I go home from school. The scorching heat of the sun never fails to give me my daily dose of headaches. I don't know-- but I couldn't stand it anymore and that's why I'm asking for another Earth Hour this year. @_@

Here's the poster of last year's Earth Hour. Its theme is Vote the Earth which kinda relates to last year's election in States wherein Obama pulls it off at the last minute creating a new memorable moment in the history of United States. But since its about the Earth-- the ones who made this event possible thought of something that coincides with the election and where EVERYONE gets to VOTE. And yes a lot of people did. Over hundreds of millions people in 400 cities in 88 countries switched off their lights for an hour and voted for Earth. Isn't that amazing? 

But hey! good news, this 8.30pm, Saturday 27th March 2010, will be another Earth Hour! So lets help Mother Nature and Vote Earth again this year!

Oh yeah I came across this during our discussion in DESNCON class :P

And btw, their site is really cool. I even made my own lantern. (I've been part of this Earth Hour campaign
ever since it started and me and my friends have never missed a year without turning off the lights for one hour!)

To create your own lantern and join this campaign click here

P.S.: Who wouldn't want to spend a summer vacation free of getting scorched off roasted like meat in the sea? :P (that's why I'm talking stuff like this too right now LOL)-- I wanna wear a new set of swimsuit this year and enjoy the sea and nature :D