A Chit Chat with Mr. Ronnie Del Carmen of Pixar's UP

There is something good that happened to me anyway earlier this day. Yep. I've got to meet Ronnel Del Carmen on an animation talk awhile ago in our school in the De La Salle- College of St. Benilde's SDA Building's Green Room. He's the guy from Pixar Animation Studios who's responsible for the wild and adventurous story of the animated movie UP.

He talked about stuff they do in Pixar studios. That its not always fun when you're an animator. Why? That's cause there are some things you gotta solve. Problems on how they could make the scene/ character/ storyboard better. And not all solutions are always right. Yes, according to him... it could be disheartening but he said the way out of quitting their project is to remind themselves of this "Trust the Process". After all, when UP was finished, it was all worth it-- All those 4 years of production.

He also said that "If you're never prepared to be wrong, you can never come up with anything original". Which is really true. If you are never prepared for their criticisms (your fellow artists and such), you can never come up something great at all. That's why we have to make use of their comments, suggestions, criticisms. As he said it "Making mistakes is the way of learning". 

Also he left us this quote of Walt Disney, which pertains to one of the topics he talked about in the Green Room: storyboarding:

"In our studio, we don't write our movies, we draw." -Walt Disney

Carl and Russel of Pixar's Animated Movie, UP
(Photo courtesy of Google Images)

*shots from the Green Room*
Mr. Ronnie Del Carmen of Pixar
(Graduate of UST and he's a Filipino too)

The crowd at the SDA Green Room comprising 
of students from CSB and St. Scholastica's college

My classmates in 2DAnim1 :D
(From left to right: Princess, Lor, Hai and Darryl)

yours truly :3

And what would be a great day ender without getting our famous visitor's autograph! XD (I got it lol. but I'm not posting his autograph :P and I was really thrilled when he actually signed my notebook)