Cat Street

I stumbled across this manga called "Cat Street" while browsing my list of blogs that I follow.. and this one came from my classmate Kara. 

Cat Street started off with the story of Keito Aoyama, a child superstar who then suddenly disappeared from the limelight due to an incident with the show she was on. For seven years she locked herself from the world, moping about what happened... until she met this mysterious man who showed her and told her to go to the school called El Liston, a free school in their community. From there she met an old classmate Taiyou and then later on Rei, Momiji and Kouichi who became her friends. And through them she finds herself breaking free from the wall she created between her and the world. 

The plot was really good because its really unique and it was really a page turner-- that I was able to finish it within a day (started at around 2pm and finished at 9pm) XD. And oh, did I mention they have a live action series/ jdorama? Well I was really surprised but then it makes me wanna watch the whole thing right after this midterms week. I've really learned a lot from it and I think its message would be much like the one sent out by Skip Beat! (Hint: it has something to do with forgiving oneself and starting all over again... )-- okay I just gave you not a hint anymore lol!

Anyway, here are some stuffs from the manga which I really liked XD

Cat Street (Manga)
Keito, Kouichi, Rei and Momiji

Cat Street (JDorama/ Live Action series)

To start reading, go here: Mangafox: Cat Street