Suspension of classes in all levels

Finally! Our college have allowed us to leave before 12pm! I thought they were going to do it again just like before :|

It was at around 10:30 am when DepEd and CHED released an announcement of suspension of classes for all levels. The news broke out to my Facebook neighborhood at almost 11am. But our college released us at around past 11. On my way home I had a hard time walking because of the strong winds that kept blowing my umbrella.

It sucks because we made an effort to go to school despite the winds and rain (and flood in some areas like the ones in my classmate's) and then they will only announce once the students have already left their homes. I must say it's one heck of a pain in the ass not just for us students but for the parents as well. Well of course you wasted money for transportation and for nothing.

I pity those people who went to school today and got wet. I hope this won't happen again :|

The media is late again. DepEd says they won't be announcing if there are classes or none in a site I saw earlier. The new media on the other hand is useful, it was via internet I learned immediately of the suspension of classes.

I hope this won't happen again. @_@