Looklet: Unleash the fashionista in you!

Are you bored wearing the same old clothes every week? Do you want to mix and match em and look good but don't have a clue if it would look good? Then why not try this site on for a size and you could even try mix and matching clothes you've seen or clothes you've never tried on before.

Check out Looklet.com and you might just love it! Designers and non-designers are heading to it to mix and match and create new looks for this season and for the seasons to come! 

You'd totally go gaga over a hundred choices of clothes and 17 models to choose from (backgrounds as well). Its definitely personalized! 

Here are some of my sample designs/ looks I've made during my stay there:

I'm pretty glad they've fixed the glitches when creating a look. Back then when the site was still new, I couldn't remove or make the clothes I clicked on to be worn over the new clothes I've chosen.

Head on and start customizing your own look!