4th Term Break

Yesterday, everything ended... and at the same time, my body nearly collapsed due to a lot of stress. But no worries, I am recovering now. :D

Anyway, here it is! the result of our hardwork haha!
HARTDS 1 EXHIBIT: Midriffs and Riffraff

also, i've started up my thread in the Ragnaboards recently... Teh Doodleboard which aims to get the eyes of the people behind the game (haha) and yeah, get more comments which could help me in improving my artworks :P

oh yeah, i also came across this while browsing through the fan art part of the Ragnaboards forum:

Artist's Commandments:

1. You shall draw everything and every day
2. You shall not wait for inspiration, for it comes not while you wait but while you work
3. You shall forget all you think you know and, even more, all you have been taught
4. You shall not adore your good drawing and promptly forget your bad ones
5. You shall not draw with exhibitions in mind, nor to please any critic but yourself
6. You shall trust none but your own eye, and make your hand follow it
7. You shall consider the mouse you draw as more important than the contents of all the museums in the world
8. You shall love the ten thousand things with all your heart and a blade of glass as yourself
9. Let each drawing be your first: a celebration of the eye awakened
10. You shall not worry about "Being of your time", for you are your time, and its brief.

-Frederick Franck, The Awakened Eye

hmmm... I didn't know we artists have commandments as well.. but I do know I am following the 1st commandment even waaaaaaaay before I read this haha

...so there you have it. This is how I shall spend my 4th term break... :P more arts, more things to do, never ending busy life (well with a little chillin of course--since its a term break) and more fun. Art is my life..

anyway here are the list of things i'm planning to do this term break: wahahaha.i do hope i'll finish them all :P

Pending Works:
*Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid chibi version)
*RB Girls Vocaloid Version
*Last set of RO Chibis
*Ragnarok Online chibis Stacked up
*Bai Hu (champ)
*Heaven's Cast lineart
and last but not the least...
our 2k Kiriban prize for Sarara a chibi version of setsuna f seiei and marina ismail.

if there will be moar excess time..
i'll try making Ivan Jaro an avie for his deviantart account, since he did a great job on directing our Hartds1 exhibit (will post the photos from the exhibit later)

Other tasks:
~make the invitations and send em all
~finish the souvenirs
~clean my room (heck... i know.. i'm really lazeh when it comes to this part. haha)
~do laundry
~return the rifle to my gramps
~make a fan art for Rodney's fan fic about Rune Factory (our newest obsession) click here if you wanna know more about it: Rune Factory and for Signus' fan fic about Ragnarok Online :)

lolz. there we go. sorry for this long newsy update :P