comeback rollback @_@

finally! i had the chance (and the motivation) to write another blogpost here...

things have been pretty much tougher this time... and in both worlds... yeap, ragnarok and real life...

well here's the dish, recently Ragnarok Valhalla faced the issue about the instant millionaire due to the tickets in one event they made and gawd! after people had been ranting and shouting out in the kingdom of Midgard, a rollback has been decreed ... and that means zenny,items,lvl/experience will be rolled back except for rok points which will be reimbursed! argh! this is really crap. i am really brooding over it coz i wasted a lot of time and money leveling up my main character in the game then what??? all those will be gone!!! grrrr. i'm really gonna lose that mood to level up Nire.

reality: hello school!!! summer is finally over and so are my boring days at home doing nothing but playing ragnarok, cooking and watching tv. and heck... I'm a frosh no more. hello sophomore days! @_@ god. my debut's really coming upclose... i can feel the tension and pressure. in terms of fashion, i'm really having a taste on clothes that are hmmm... kinda comfortable yet fashionable... and girly at the same time haha. as for him..... i'm trying to avoid him now. even his ex-gf or whatever. i don't wanna ruin their lovey-dovey moments with one another. plus it was definitely painful seeing him again last week... it was like he's so sweet yet couldn't or wouldn't give me kisses or warm long hugs anymore. he doesn't even share stories and what's going on with him now. but now i'm pretty over it..i think.

that's all for now. gotta jet. still have class... @_@