H1N1 reaches the campus of DLS-CSB

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Nire [huntress]- base lvl: 92, job lvl: 50

Akira Toudou [Acolyte]- base lvl: 47, job lvl: 32

Rosetta [Merchant]- base lvl: 25, job lvl: 20

I can't believe i leveled up 4 levels! woo! thank God! my prayers were answered. we had a x3 mode today in Valhalla and yes! thanks to x3 mode, AFM, Premium, Bloody Ring and Token of Siegfried... i leveled up faster than the usual. XD oh yeah, we also had x2 drop in our server! sweet! but so far, i haven't gotten my rok pts. yet. D:

wokei. Classes in DLS-CSB had been suspended at around 8-9 am... we were having a class discussion in JOSERIZ when one of our classmates came in and there was a commotion outside. Then and there we learned that the classes are suspended by the CHED due to the H1N1 virus. According to the school, they found out that there's a case of the said epidemic in the main campus of the college... and so there... we went home as early as 9am even if the decision was approved as early as 7:30 am. See how late that is? i was at school as early as 7am and yet i didn't hear any news about it... we were even discussing that at class that DLS-CSB won't be joining those schools who suspended their classes. gawd! and now, classes will be resumed on June 18. T___T that is sooo lame!!

i am sooo rotting in boredom here!


Edwrd. said...

labas tayo nila ano! :>

melancholicdreamer said...

lolz ka. me practice kme xka indi ako pde., me sakit kptd ko. nlalagnat

Edwrd. said...

di, i mean this week haha before friday

pasabi na rin na get well soon sa kapatid mo :D