Earthling: a documentary

i've just watched this documentary from facebook (posted by one of my friends) and i admit.... i can't take it. after that scene at about after 12 minutes.... tears started falling from my eyes..

one thing i couldn't take is ANIMAL ABUSE/PERSECUTION! especially when it comes to dogs!...

i am greatly disappointed at these people who do this to the creatures.... especially those dogs.... who are homeless and innocent... coz one of my best friends is our family dog (we call him "Mokong" and he's like a Golden Retriever slash Mongrel) and i love to play with him or pat him when i feel depressed. these dogs stays at our side even at our death... I remember that news I saw in the local news... the dog's master got into a motorcycle accident and died a few blocks from home, and guess what? his dog stayed by his corpse even if the rescuers had come to take care of it....

these dogs have rights as well as humans. a right to live. have a good home. be fed. to be treated well-- because like us, they are part of God's creation, and we human beings should be stewards of it.

*sigh* i hope i could eat dinner after watching that... i really couldn't take that scene there... @_@


Edwrd. said...

kung di lang dinelete ng youtube, may papakita akong video sana brutal din yung animal abuse e

well, alam mo naman..madami talagang tado sa mundo