sunday classes

dragged myself out of my bed this morning... well who would not be thrilled at the idea of sunday classes when you know you're buried under tons of schoolwork that needs to be accomplished in consecutive days? and heck, its the only time of the week wherein i get to go out with my family...

but anyway, i did go to school and it turned out to be pretty much a good day...I was able to pick a 5 peso coin when I rode the fx, though the driver cheated on me on the fare, i didn't care since i got back that lost amount in his fx! hahaha. I arrived in Vito Cruz at around 6:30 AM which is earlier than I expected, so I decided to take a stroll at the CCP grounds. Well it was kinda nice that after all these years, i finally got the chance to go there again... Its been long since I've been there. And the sightseeing I did wasn't bad at all. It made me reminiscent on things I used to do with my family back then when I was a kid. The sight of people dancing and doing aerobics reminded me of my mom who used to join those group of people before she got seriously sick. The people riding bikes and the children playing badminton reminded me of the things we, kids, used to do when our parents are busy doing their own thing and chit-chatting. We used to rent bikes before, but now, there are no more bike rentals anymore around the place. I also got the chance to eat Taho again. This is a soya delicacy--best served when hot and with Sago and syrup. I also got the chance to clear my mind since it was nearby the sea and well.. practice my still-life sketching skills with the scene of the bay.

Then at school, everyone was darned nervous at the upcoming orals... well who wouldn't be? its a memorized speech and the speeches include Shylock from Merchant of Venice, The witch, Romeo and Juliet. I took Juliet's part because I know and I am confident enough I could portray her. And yes, I was able to. When my time came, I stood up there and people were pretty much distracted first since they saw my posture was kind of giving that unconfident feel. But once I straightened up and started to talk, my body began to act and move on its own. There were some actions that I did and pretty much impressed everyone which are I did not planned and included in my rehearsals. I caught their attention and soon everyone was paying attention. Some were... yeah... dumbfounded. My nervousness was overcomed by that tactic I tried earlier... I tried rationalizing on why am I scared and what makes me scared... and yep, it did work and I was able to deliver the speech without any fail.

Then at Hartds, my prof praised me for that unique idea for Ancient Art in which i decided to place a design of a mummified pharaoh and mummified cat (Bastet) into a bag art-- the pharaoh was placed in a skateboarder's backpack which he then found unique. Even the Venus of Willendorf which I made into a maraccas design. :D

So that's how my day went..

oh yeah, i'd like to share these cute pics of Miley Cyrus which I came across on her twitter. She really looked like an angel here! X)

and here's another one where she is seen dancing... well, she's a fan of Beyonce! :)


Rashid said...

wee.. congratz sa speech mo as Juliet..^^

at talaga naman.. nakita ko rin mga pics na yun ni miley sa twitter nya.. haha!