plushie fandom! 8D

Deviantart Updates

been two weeks since i've posted. and yeah... i'm back... well not for good... just a random posting i guess.. or maybe not... 8D hehe. anyway, been busy with schoolwork and other stuff. (public speech activities... blah blah)

anyway, this one's what i love about Japan! Plushies!!! they started the ultra cute plushie craze! and now i'm catchin the fever. monkey

check this cool plushies i spotted over Deviantart: (i do not own these... just featuring them... 'kay? :) )

and here's some plushies and keychains from :

seeing this kawaii (Japanese for "cute") keychains inspired me to create a set for me to sell. this would probably make a good business. :D But of course, I shall do my own design ;)

as for my artworks... here the recent ones i've had. sorry for the super late update 8D....