Cherry Blossoms in pRO

It's amazing that things are really changing in the world of Ragnarok... I mean.. look at the sudden appearance of the beautiful cherry blossom trees in the streets of Prontera. Isn't that such a beautiful sight?

well of course.. couples are spotted hanging out under these trees. haha (well... oh yeah.. I was there too..with a special someone :D ). Meet Nire, my huntress (in her new look/hairdo) XD.

I am so thrilled when I saw this. It was the perfect day for me.. to say goodbye (which we still don't know if it's temporary or a permanent one) to the world I loved, to my beloved guild (Revamped Blasphemy) and to the beloved Valhallians... ^_^


Edwrd. said...


Peter Agno Jr. said...

Naglalaro ako niyan, kaso I'm a Valkyrian. :)
Can't wait sa 3rd jobs!
And I'm also playing crazy kart.

melancholicdreamer said...

@ed-hahaha.alam na~!

@peter-of course. :) sana nagvalhalla ka. XD nakakaexcite mga 3rd jobs..kaso di ko na aabutan ata yun. :P haven't tried crazy kart yet. is it nice? (and not expensive like ro? XP)

jayagno said...

@melan - huh? di mo na aabutan 3rd jobs? sayang naman.. at about sa crazy kart? hindi naman ito expensive, kasi pantay pantay lang lahat ng speed ng kotse, tapos wala ding silbi ang level, pang display lang. so technically, para manalo ay hindi sa level at kotse, kung hindi sa skills at kagaling mo magbalance or control ng kotse.
:) .. .. pero kahit ganoon, mas nilalaro ko parin pRO^^

melancholicdreamer said...

@jayagno -i wont coz i'll be stopping po.hehe.. (for the meanwhile i guess) krisis po kc :P

crazy kart is pretty interesting based on your description.. but i don't know if i could play it as often as ro