UAAP Cheerdance competition results

Theme: "One Color, One Goal".

Hosted by FEU itself.. I believe, this is one of the most interesting season in the UAAP cheerdance competitions.

Universities really did a great job on the props, costumes and of course, the routines..especially the stunts. I pretty much like the costume and routine of Adamson Falcons.. where they appeared to be like warriors. It reminded me of the anime/cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender. Their concept of fans as props are really good too. It created a wonderful illusion during the duration of their cheer. Also, the UST Tigers cheerdancers' uniform matched the Adamson's... since they were like warriors too.. only they were gladiators. :) Routine was great! But I felt something was missing in theirs... unlike in the routine 2 years before. UP and UE jived with their idea of using the jeepneys as props. I particularly liked the UP's idea of using the "Ikot" (or the "Toki") as part of their props..since it really shouts the UP Diliman campus pride. Meanwhile DLSU stages up a big Tiki mask and those stuff girls play with in the beach. (idk what is that called haha. sorry).

And what I loved most is the part where all of the universities (well actually their representative male and female cheerdancers) performed with Samsung dancers. It really shouted unity. =) how cool and memorable is that?

And lastly... here's the results everyone was waiting for...

Champion: FEU
1st Runner Up: Ateneo
2nd Runner Up: UP

*photo courtesy of Google Images