Blip Vol. 5: The Hot Issue

I can't believe it! It's here! I mean I just got the most awaited ish of Blip (the De La Salle College of St. Benilde's official magazine)... the 5th Volume, entitled: The Hot Issue.

this is me holding the latest issue of Blip Magazine (since I cannot upload here the copy of the cover-- I wasn't able to secure some permission in our school's Student Publication Office or the SPO.)

*What's with it why I am eager to snag a copy of it?
It's because my oh-so-favorite professor (who was my mentor in Philoma/ Philosophy of Man): Mr. Dax Beley got featured as one of the Hottest mentors/professors (and when we mean 'hottest'-- its not just limited to their looks).

..But then this issue turned out to be really great. Cover eagerly caught my eye and as I flipped through every page, your eyes would really stick to it.. the layout and the design was really outstanding this time. Also, they have this section where the school's swimming team strutted their stuff via modeling for the magazine's fashion section. And I really love how they did it. As well as the articles and topics?-- definitely interesting! You would definitely stop on your tracks..eager to flip into its contents. It also has reviews, countdowns, must-do's (for the Benildean students)...almost everything you would most likely see in a typical magazine. Its almost like it could compete to any other local magazines we have for today.

And guess what? I spotted one of the Candy cuties in one of the pages of the magazine! Turns out that he's part of the magazine's writers. Cool huh? :D


Dexter64 said...

Ikaw wala ka sa Candy cuties? /gg

melancholicdreamer said...

Dex-haha. wala eh XP puro guys lang nakakapasok dun xD