back at the beginning

Every successful person has a story behind their achievements and road they paved to success. Mine started all the way back from my middle school days... and today I got that chance to revisit the place where everything started.. From little dreams, to a wonderful future I'm living in right now.

It's been a while since I visited the place. It wasn't pretty much the same as it was before, but the aura of home and comforting feeling is still there. I had the chance to visit it today, due to an errand my mom asked me to do.

I got there at around 11 AM, and had the chance to talk to our principal (who was there for a really long time now). She was surprised and happy at the same time because I dropped by there without any notice or any occasion at all and its been a while since she saw me in her office (haha. Well I used to be called there for briefing in some art contests I joined back then and yeah.. I had issues back then... I was a bad kid before. I committed mistakes too). I told her recent news about me, how am I doing in my studies, in college, our family, my brother, the batch.. my career. She was grinning widely at my stories. I felt really happy to share her all these stories... I don't know but its written all over my face as well.

But then you know, there's this another feeling deep inside of me which I can't really understand. It's like.. I wanted to do something for my school. Like a volunteer work or something... to show my gratitude for teaching me the values I still have up to today. It's like I wanted to be a teacher or something after graduating in college... like take it as a part time job as thanks to my mentors and peers I've met here. Also, I was grinning the whole time while talking to my former principal because I remembered the last time I was there in her office.. not because of any contest or bad stuff I did at school.. but because it was our graduation day (from 6th grade)... and from there she told me those words that kept ringing into my ears whenever I get praised for my works... and such...

"Never forget to look back to where and how you started...even if you're in the top. Keep your feet always in the ground."

I've always kept this in my mind because I had issues with my talent before... Well.. I was an airhead (and yep, a hint of it is still evident in my current personality)... but then, these words served as my chains... my yardstick.. to discipline myself... I really took it at heart since those words will help me developing myself and the way how people view my artworks and interpretations.

The "teacher" plan really would be a fine idea (even to my parents...) since I had an experience already teaching part time (2 summers back at high school) to children ages 4-10 back at my piano school.. and I really love teaching kids and sharing my knowledge to them (especially to my lil cousins who like anime and to my friends who approach me whenever they have something to ask about photoshop). And take note, I really don't care earning here.. but then, now, money is needed... but I don't care how big I'd earn or what.. since I'm planning to take it as a part time job in the near future...

And here's a quote to end this blogpost,

“If you want to be successful, it's just this simple. Know what you are doing. Love what you are doing. And believe in what you are doing.” -Will Rogers

In order for you to retain what you've achieved already, just continue loving it, and it will love you back ;) And most of all, enjoy it! Nothing beats a job well done with a heart (or love) all poured in it.