Returning to my home

Nope we're not talking about my home in real life here. We're talking about my home in another realm.

And that's where I met a my 2nd family. The Revamped Blasphemy guild of pRO Valhalla server.

Well I'm just missing them a lot lately and I've got huge breaks so why not use that time rather than ranting in Facebook? :P I'd rather leash my anger to the Anubis in the 4F of the Sphinx.. than ruin the happy atmosphere there (At least my character Nire would pretty much appreciate the increase of experience points while I'm chatting with my guild mates).

Anyways, there I'll probably be back by next week or this Sunday. Also I would like to take the chance to congratulate our GMs Dexter and Nix for representing our guild in the leadership talk hosted by Pinoy Gamers Network for all Guildmasters today. I bet they're having fun right now meeting other GMs as well.^^


Also, I would like to plug in an event:

Anicon 2009- To be held at Megatrade Hall on October 11, 2009 (my 18th birthday O_o) .......

and yep, plug in a friend of mine as well (since I couldn't do this in my journal in DA due to lack of funds for a premium account --which enables you to feature people and their works I'll do it here).

Meet Cullen Diaz or simply Ehn... a photographer, RPG gamer and a poet...

and here are his top 3 artworks :D ......... (well I personally choose the best ones of course ;P )

Love Chucks, Love Life by Ehn

A Mother's Burden by Ehn

Earth and Sky by Ehn

check his site for more! ;D


Peter Agno Jr. said...

Guild EB..
Never pa akong nakapunta sa mga ganyan. Hindi ako pinapayagan eh.
Speaking of pRO, parang gusto kong lumipat ng valhalla, sa valkyrie kasi, hindi na 13k+ ang players, ang nakasulat na ganito:



wew, daming gundam^^

Dexter64 said...

Okaeri ^^

melancholicdreamer said...

@peter- anong extreme sa valk? :O

guild EB is cool. you get to meet the players themselves and learn more about them. Ako takas lng eh haha but then I make sure I tell my parents where I am and I bring a friend na kilala nila para di magalala.

@dex-thanks! :D

Jinn said...

di ba kapag napasok ka po sa server ganito.

1. enter username then password.
2. select server
3. choose character
4. play

sa part po ng select server, di ba sa inyo, sa valhalla, ganito:

ganyan po di ba, 1253 < example nung players na OL hehe..
sa valkyrie grabe, puro gundam, hindi na numbers naka lagay (like 1253), ganito na


melancholicdreamer said...

wah. ganyan yung sa akin. @_@ nakalagay naman Valhalla (Normal)