Announcements (postponed events) + Super Typhoon Peping

As you can see Ondoy just left the country, but there is another reported Super Typhoon by the name of Peping whose tail/body will hit Metro Manila. Critical hour will be at 9pm. (yep. we're pretty much paranoid now because of the flash flood that happened when Ondoy was here.. so we're stacking up food and rations right now-- its now or never). Winds and Rain will be stronger than Milenyo. To everyone residing in the Philippines, especially to those who will be affected by the Super Typhoon I suggest you start stacking up canned goods, water for drinking and washing, ready to eat foods, blankets, first aid stuff, candles, batteries, emergency lights and flash lights. Charge your cellphones because Meralco will shut down areas tonight.  

*Anicon 2009 on October 11, 2009 will be postponed on a later date. Please wait for the Official Statement from the Organizing team. Thank you!  

*Orientation for the guilds who made it in the LU City 2009 (which will be held in the LU Office, 6pm tomorrow) will be rescheduled on a later date if the Typhoon hits us. -GM Anael