The Secret to Teen Power

I don’t know how would I even describe this day. I didn’t had much of a sleep ever since I was preparing for my debut, and I’m afraid this will continue til November 7 strikes. Plus, my mind's really confused with all the works and deadlines I have right now... I can't really concentrate on my family either. @_@

But then, what really made me relax even just a bit was seeing oniichan wearing rimmed glasses (err..actually no lenses at all) which really looks cute on him. And then I found the urge to say those three words again.. and I did.......... though it felt wrong... again. I tried to imitate what Taylor Swift did in her MTV of "You Belong With Me" and I managed to make him smile sweetly (yes, I can say I could really die that moment-- but then I couldn't anymore....) I may have an explanation for this one, but then I'll keep it for myself for now.

Also I happened to recieve a parcel from my Tita Apple and when I saw the book she sent me, I was jumping up and down like crazy. What's the book you say? Its "The Secret to Teen Power" by Paul Harrington... (self-help bookby Rhonda Byrne, author of "The Secret", for teens)

Well I absolutely loved it coz I was really asking for a book (in one of my 18 wishes) XD Plus, its a great way to unwind and entertain myself when I'm on the road and got nothing but my mp3. And yeah, I got another journal! yay! X3 I will totally flood it with stuff I won't be mentioning here. wehehe... and memorable pictures as well :) starting from my 18th bday.

Oh yeah, I was pretty 'emo' night so I wrote another freeverse poem... for the guy I like... :)


I get restless without you
My head hurts thinking
My skin is longing for your embrace

Lips long for that sweet kiss
Eyes wander around for that melting gaze
Hands uneasy to touch yours

When can I see you again
When can I whisper those three words...
to end this, and be yours forever?

I guess that's all for now. Until I manage to organize my thoughts will I blog again...