Saturday night out!

Tales of the Manuvu

Yesterday I went to CCP to watch "Tales of the Manuvu", a ballet about the tribe of Manuvu (Manobo) and also a requirement for our PARTDES class (which is considered as our make-up class as well). And its really been awhile since I went there... I don't really know... but I felt relaxed being there even if I'm all alone. Must be its my only break from the work for LU Live 09, schoolworks and house chores. @_@

(photo courtesy of CCP)

Anyway its pretty cool and I even thought if I got lost cause the opening scene was not that ethnic... err.. or maybe its just me who couldn't connect the first part of the show to the Manuvus. The first part was like a ball... and the dancers were in their gowns and all.. I was really asking myself 'what's the connection?'

But anyway, the second half of the show was the real thing. The performers wowed the audience with their sleek ballet moves, flashy modern outfits (still looks tribal only in a fashionista and Lady Gaga style), and the modern- ethic vocals. Everyone was like applauding and shouting "Bravo". Well I couldn't help it either. I love the concept, the way they did their props and costumes. Plus the dancing is really great! I am particularly amazed with Oggasi's partner.. (Idk her name though) but she was like, dancing with heels! Cool really.

to view the plot of the ballet, click on: Tales from the Manuvu

Cousins night out with my childhood best friend

....Well I had problems with my money after watching the Tales of the Manuvu since the ticket is still pricey despite the student discount I had, so I was left with no choice but to go to SM MOA so I could go home with my cousins and my brother.

When I got there, they haven't started playing Bowling since there is an on-going tournament and there are only few lanes available for the customers to play with. So after 15 minutes of waiting, they finally got to play, and I just took pictures for them and cheered as well. I was envy the whole time coz I don't have money and I can't play. wah.

When they finished, we strolled at the San Miguel by the Bay and took pictures. There I felt the Christmas season feeling and it reminded me of what happened last year when me and my grade school batch mates were there.

I was the last one in our group while we're walking towards the mall when my best friend (let's name him "M") called out my name and when I looked up, he hugged me tightly. That was my first hug from him after 13 years being best friends.

M was with us that night and he kept on talking to me.. non-stop. I just responded to him with a few nods and sentences because everything feels awkward. I couldn't help reminiscing that memory and comparing it to what is happening. Maybe his feelings for me were still there... but then, mine vanished.--- weh, wait. Enough of that crap... @_@ where was I anyway?

Oh right, there. After strolling along the bay, we decided to eat/ drink... and my cousins decided to go to Bed Scene, a bar near La Mesa Grill and Gerry's Grill behind SM MOA. Its my first time to be in a bar so I was thrilled when we got inside. Of course, people were like staring at us coz our group looked kinda young to be in there, but hey only two in our group are minors

(photo by Fatima F.)

So there, my cousins treated me dinner and I drank two bottles of San Miguel Light XD. (weeee). On our way home... ummm M treated me the shuttle fare and well he was sleepy so I let him lean his head on my shoulder (since I'm sleepy as well) but then as I was about to close my eyes, I heard my cousins chuckling and teasing us so I opened my eyes and pretended I was looking at the floor or something else. M also woke up and decided not to lean on my shoulder at all. We ended up chatting even though we're pretty sleepy. And got home without our parents noticing me and my brother drank XD.