LU Live 2009

My recent weekend was probably the best ever ones I had in my entire life. Last November 7 and 8, gamers from all over the Philippines gathered at the World Trade Center at Buendia to be part of LU Live '09.

As early as noon of November 6, LU fans were already lined up outside the gates of WTC to take part in the Early Bird Promo. Well I was fascinated and I was really amazed at the patience of these people just for that. XD Talk about LU fandom.

Of course LU Live '09 wouldn't be complete with games, events and LU City... and this year, my guild, Revamped Blasphemy was lucky enough to be part of it.

this is our booth in the making LOL

LU Live in the making

Our booth in LU Live '09 XD

Ragnarok Online Lanyards (designed by me) and
Ragnarok Pins (designed by Nix C., Saino and me)

Of course there was also a cosplay event there so my friend and I decided to join...

Ragnarok Online

One hell of a cool Gunslinger babe! Love the guns!

Sniper or Ranger? /hmm ( I am confused)

Orc Hero!!! OuO

Osiris and Super Novice

(That's me in the Sniper costume xD)

(me! hahaha! first cosplay! O_O)

Me with cosplayers from Gatecrashers guild of Valhalla
Tellus as High Wiz and AJ as Arch Bishop

My friend as a high priestess and Sarah

The "Erin"s =))

RF Online

MAU that dances!

Accretia girl that made ever head in LU Live 2009 turn
(courtesy of


Other games (Sorry I don't know what games are these from)

My Guild (Revamped Blasphemy)

November 5, 2009 was supposed to be the 1st year anniversary of Revamped Blasphemy but since LU Live 09 is just around the corner, our GM decided to celebrate it during the last day of LU Live. :D

Here are some pics taken as a remembrance...

My beloved guild! (happy anniversary! XD)

The "Girls" of the guild =))

The "Boys" of the guild

Lolo Neil and Lola Ritsuki of RevBlas

Nire (me) and Tohru

The High Council/ Founders of Revamped Blasphemy

Team Bagets

The proud 99-ers of the guild

New members of the guild

RB with WTC security guards XD

RB pretending that this spot in Jollibee near WTC is our tambayan in Prontera XD
(I spot something /gg)

Our day ended with a small celebration at MOA Foodcourt, and went home satisfied and happy 'coz after a year, we finally got to see and talk with one another personally plus have lots of fun! XD

We totally can't wait for the next LU Live!

Kudos to the makers and organizers of LU Live btw. :)


Dexter64 said...

Bitin ako ahahaha!

melancholicdreamer said...

ako rin! hahahaha. take two!!! rawr

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