Project 2DAnim1 plus more!

Hell yeah, everything concerned with my ex ended already, yesterday night. And now, let's make those creative juices flowing coz we're starting up this short animation for pRO (my chosen project) in my 2DAnim1 class in DLS-CSB.

Meet Heather Damon (she's supposedly the sister of Cecil Damon-- I just made it up lol. I wanna continue the story though). And yup, just like her elderly sister, she's a priestess in training and aims to meet her sister in BIO labs someday-- face to face.

And so, here's my Character Design and Body Turn.:

Character Design:

Body Turn

And yup, this month, I'll be starting to work on my first set of tutorials (as requested by my cousins and colleagues :D). Next stop! Chibi Tutorials. So please do visit my Deviantart page for more updates ;)